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The purpose of the JEWL Select Team is to give players an opportunity to play at the top level of play in OWFL and to bring back skills and experience to assist their home club to progress as a team to the JEWL level.


  1. Tryouts will be held in late April/early May 

  2. A tryout fee will be payable to the OWFL

  3. Upon placement on JEWL Selects, a team fee will be payable to the OWFL
    (Uniform, Practices and Games included in this fee)

  4. Players must be fully registered, approved and in good standing with their home club to attend tryouts.



  • Players from centres that do not have a team in the 2023 JEWL division ONLY.

  • Please note regular release, residential and next closest centre rules apply. For example, if your home centre does not have a U19 team in 2023 and your next closest centre has a JEWL team, you will tryout for JEWL at the next closest centre not for JEWL Selects. Players released from a JEWL center are not eligible to try out.

  • Players must ALSO practice with and play games for their home Club U19 team.  JEWL Selects schedule will be formed around the OWFL U19 schedule.  This will create a “heavy” schedule for players on JEWL Selects and families must understand the commitment of playing on two teams.

  • U19 games will remain predominantly on Saturday mornings at host OWFL sites.  JEWL games will be played predominantly on Friday and Tuesday evenings at various host sites. There will also be 2 Sundays of JEWL play. (Subject to change)

  • JEWL Selects will have approximately 15 practices over the season beginning in early May - predominantly Saturday afternoons or Sunday evenings at various locations.  Practices will be systems/team concept work. (Subject to change)

  • Participants must be willing to travel to midweek game and practice locations which will widely vary.

  • Players placed on JEWL Selects that do not adhere to their Club commitments with their U19 team will be removed from JEWL Selects and an alternate will be named to the roster.  No refund will be provided.

  • JEWL Finals will take place on the weekend of U11/U13 Provincials which are scheduled for July 21-23rd.

  • U19 Provincials will take place on the following weekend July 28-30th.

  • Players are to advise their home club that they are trying out for JEWL Selects.  Clubs will be provided with the names of players registered to tryout and the final roster and named alternates.

  • Club first policy - there will be a mechanism by which Clubs can report players that are not adhering to their U19 Club commitments for removal from JEWL Selects.

  • The JEWL Selects will operate on a trial basis in 2023.

  • The OWFL will engage in a coach selection process for the JEWL Selects team.

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