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December 19, 2019

Your Future as a Lacrosse Player: The Student Athlete in Canada or the United States Dec 19th @7pm at rotary Place

The OLK organization gives many options for girls to play lacrosse up until their final U19 year and beyond – if they choose to play Senior. But there are also many other options available to pursue academics and athletics and lacrosse together. The recruitment process has changed tremendously in the recent past with the changes to recruitment policy in the NCAA. OLK would like to offer this free symposium to our players and their families to assist them in goal-setting and taking the steps required to achieve their goal.


Fortunately, the OLK has many players who have pursued the role of Student Athlete in the OUA and in the NCAA – with great success! This includes Mackenzie Robinson at Trent (Current OUA Champion); Annie Lloyd, Kaia Shanks, Jordan Kummer and Morgan Vickers at Queens (where they propelled Queens to a 2019 OUA Championship). In the NCAA, this includes Quintin Bullen at Denver, Abby England at Bryant, Kaitie and Emily Van Kessel and Paige Stachura at Canisius, Hannah Morris at Louisville and Jerica Obee at Bonaventure. We also have players currently committed to the NCAA such as Linnea Ayers in 2020, and Kassidy Morris to University of Massachusetts in 2021.


Together these women have garnered an incredible amount of experience in lacrosse. This includes the recruiting process, fall and winter lacrosse, lacrosse camps, all-star teams, Under Armour Lacrosse, Team Ontario, post-secondary academics, preparing for the ACT and SAT, college life, the OUA or NCAA schedule, travel schedules and the rigors of the Student Athlete Schedule. They have a great deal to offer.


The night will consist of 2 hours of seminars from these young women on the recruitment process – lessons learned, and how the process is changing as well as the focal points on College Life and the responsibility and accountability of being a Student Athlete. This will occur in Mid-December 2019 – 2 hours – intended for parents and players of all ages. Details to follow.

OLK Skills Sessions

U19 Age Skill Sessions: To start in the new year and run from January to March. This would be for any U19 age player and for those entering U19 from U15 

Exact dates will be in place shortly.

U19 Skills Overview:

·         Starting the first week of January OLK coaches will provide 1 night of lacrosse skills. This will be engineered to the U19 ages and will be provided by Pat Morris, U19 OLK and Team Ontario Coach.

·         Offensive Principles:

o   Shooting; Passing; Looking Off; Odd-Man Rushes; BTBs; Wrapping the Crease; Fakes and Hitches; Dodges;

o   Tactics – Pick and Rolls, the 2-Man Game, the Wind-up; Free Positions;

o   5 Key Offensive Formations

o   Close Support for Transition

o   Defeating the Zone

o   Draws

·         Defensive Principles

o   Footwork, 1 on 1s, Small Games

o   Playing the Zone

o   Doubling, Tripling

o   Back-pressure

o   Preventing the Wrap

o   Body Position

·         Clearing

o   Close Support

o   Quick Ups

·         The Ride

o   Zone and Man on Man

February 03, 2019

Rep Tryout Schedule

Try outs start Thurs April 11th!!!!  Dress warmly!

For insurance purposes, you must be registered and paid to tryout for the following rep teams.


  Times as follows:

U11 and U15@ 6:00 pm - 7:15 pm 

U13 and U19 @ 7:15 pm - 8:30 pm

These times will continue every Monday and Thursday for the month of April.

Coaches will be as follows for 2019

U11 Doug Noganosh

U13 Jeremy Knee

U15 Maddison Crowther

U19B Barb Crowther

U19A Pat Morris

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